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Telling people about faith and inviting them to faith is one of the core tasks of the church. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Missionarische Dienste (AMD), as a network of missionally committed people, makes a specific contribution to this. The AMD stands for a faith-awakening mission, for mission-oriented congregational and church development, and for mission-focused diaconal work. The AMD networks the missionary work in the Protestant regional churches, organizations and associations.

Connected to Tradition

The AMD emerged from the missionary awakenings and movements of the 19th century, the revival movement, the community movement and, in a special way, the work of the Inner Mission – which is why it is still part of the Diakonie Deutschland network today. From 1920, the regional churches in Germany recognized the missionary challenge as their own responsibility and created appropriate structures to promote this task. In order to coordinate the regional church offices for inner mission, the Deutsche Evangelische Verband für Volksmission was founded in 1928, and in 1934 the Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Volksmissionare was formed. Both resulted in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Volksmission, which was founded in 1946. From it developed the present-day Arbeitsgemeinschaft Missionarische Dienste.

Today, the AMD includes the offices for missionary services and the offices for congregational service of all EKD member churches and more than 70 independent ministries and organizations in Germany. What the members have in common is that congregations become places where people entrust their lives to Jesus Christ.

The AMD is in the process of change

Together with the EKD and Diakonie Deutschland, the AMD launched the Evangelische Arbeitsstelle für missionarische Kirchenentwicklung und diakonische Profilbildung (midi) in 2019. midi has taken over the tasks of the AMD administrative office for the AMD. The new agency will innovatively use, strengthen and further develop the common fields between mission, church development and diaconal profile.

Specific and Hands-On

  • for example: Courses on faith
    On behalf of and with the support of the Evangelical Church in Germany, the AMD has implemented the project ERWACHSEN GLAUBEN. Step by step, courses on faith are being developed into a standard offering at a variety of church learning sites and into a publicly recognizable trademark. (
  • For example: the Ecumenical Bible Week material
    Around 180,000 people in almost 6,000 congregations took part in a Bible Week event in 2012 alone. In 2015, the Ecumenical Bible Week celebrated its 80th birthday. The AMD works with partners such as the German Bible Society and the Catholic Biblical Association to develop the working material for the Ecumenical Bible Week.
  • for example: Fresh expressions of church – Fresh X
    Rock climbing church, gospel church, caféthrals, social baking, worship services in a bar, Christian soccer fan club – just a few examples of Fresh X. A Fresh X is a new form of church for a changing culture, primarily planted for people who have not yet connected to church and community. AMD is a partner in the Fresh X network.

Together with the Evangelische Arbeitsstelle midi, the AMD regularly organizes symposia and consultations on current issues of missionary theology and practice.

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