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The Deutsche Evangelische Missionshilfe (DEMH) is a legally-established non-profit that was founded in 1913 and is based in Hamburg.

The purpose of the DEMH is “to awaken and strengthen missionary responsibility in Protestant Christianity, primarily in Germany, and to be active in a coordinating capacity, primarily through magazine and literature.” It does this through its Missionshilfe publishing, which among other things publishes for the EMW.

“EineWelt,” the journal of the EMW, and the “Mission Yearbook” are two works printed by the publishing house. In addition, there is the scholarly book series “Studien zu interkultureller Theologie an der Missionsakademie” (SITMA) (Studies in Intercultural Theology at the Mission Academy) as well as individual titles such as the series “Entdecken – Erleben – Erfahren” and the true-to-area world map in Peter’s Projection. This is also made possible thanks to financial and personnel support from the EMW.

Deutsche Evangelische Missionshilfe
Missionshilfe Verlag (Verlag der DEMH)
Normannenweg 17-21
20537 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 254 56-143
Fax: +49 40 254 29 87

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