EBM INTERNATIONAL seeks to share God’s transforming love so that people may live in hope. In our global collaboration with local Baptist churches, we share Christ to bring justice, restoration and hope to the world. We are committed to do so on the basis of equality through sharing and learning, giving and receiving.

In world mission and development cooperation, EBM INTERNATIONAL (formerly: European Baptist Mission) is active in Africa, Latin America, India and Turkey. In 1954, the Baptist Unions from Germany, France and Switzerland founded the ministry to combine their missionary activities, which date back to 1891 in Cameroon. To this day, church planting and theological education are central themes of the work.

MASA (Missionary Actions in South America), founded by German Baptist pastor Horst Borkowski, was integrated into EBM INTERNATIONAL in 1979. The “Hans-Herter-Indienhilfe” (Hans-Herter-India Aid), which came into being on the initiative of Ministerial Councillor Hans Herter in 1960, also became a branch of work in 2009. In 2011, congregational work in Turkey also became part of the organization.

In addition to theological training and church planting, the work of EBM INTERNATIONAL has the following focal points:

Children at risk: We give children love, care, security, home, and education. To this end, we promote their school education, give them a home in children’s homes or accompany them in social centers through counselling and extracurricular activities.

Health care: We ensure that adequate medical care is available to particularly vulnerable groups.

Capacity building: We want to support people in building sustainable lives, positively influencing their environment and tackling social and economic problems. This is done, for example, in training centers.

Humanitarian work: In disaster situations, we provide food, water, clothing, emergency aid and provide shelter, sanitation, and hygiene items.

EBM INTERNATIONAL sends missionaries and volunteers to help in projects which are always led by local people. Sending out is only done at the request of the member church. This is an expression of the core values: partnership and equality.

It is not the mission headquarters in Elstal that decides on new projects, but the leadership and experts of the member churches. EBM INTERNATIONAL does not initiate projects itself but supports initiatives that arise locally and are linked to a local church community. EBM INTERNATIONAL has 30 member churches worldwide with equal rights. The Board has nine volunteer members from eight countries on four continents.

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