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The Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche (EmK) is the German branch of the United Methodist Church (UMC), the largest internationally-established Methodist church. The UMC is present on four continents and has a common order and constitution.

The EmK-Weltmission is responsible for the international relations and contacts of the EmK in Germany. Currently, the EmK in Germany has partnerships with eleven Methodist churches and one Methodist organization through the EmK-Weltmission. The partner churches are in South America (Brazil and Uruguay), Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa), and Europe (Albania and Russia). The Methodist organization is based in Kenya. The goals of the partnerships are the mutual promotion and support of church work. This includes the support of projects, mutual exchange of personnel (short or long term), joint consultations, and meetings to learn from each other as well as other activities.

The work of the EmK-Weltmission is supported by our understanding of mission. There are five major points describing the different dimensions of our work. Here, in brief summary:

1 “Mission means being sent.” This makes it clear that God gives us a mission and that everyone should be a part of mission.

2 “Mission is love in action.” This points out the theological foundation of mission as well as its practical structuring.

3 “Mission overcomes boundaries.” This describes the global character of our mission and makes it clear that many boundaries still need to be overcome.

4 “Mission needs people.” This speaks to the fact that people must be at the center of mission, both as those who act and those who receive, and that this process goes in both directions.

5 “Mission is practical.” This illustrates that mission can occur in many ways and people can participate and collaborate in many ways.

In our work there are also five program priorities that are particularly important:

  • Evangelization, church growth, and theological trainings
  • Children and young people
  • Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Girls and women
  • Justice, peace and the protection of creation

This list shows the range in which the work of EmK-Weltmission takes place. Detailed information and descriptions of our partnerships, funded projects, and staff exchanges can be found on our website: www.emkweltmission.de.

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