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The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is the largest ecumenical youth association in Germany. With over 1,400 clubs, the YMCA is a meeting place for more than 310,000 young people.

As Christians, Jesus Christ unites us in a worldwide community. As a worldwide community, we are called and commissioned to pass on the word of God’s saving reconciliation in Jesus Christ and the act of love as inseparable components of God’s mission. The YMCA understands itself as part of this community of the Kingdom of God (Paris Document). In it, the YMCAs are networked regionally, nationally and internationally, thereby offering young people the chance to participate in fulfilling Christ’s mission, to learn from each other through encounter and exchange, and to work for a more just coexistence in the world.

The international work in the YMCA contributes to the spread of the Kingdom of God in a globalizing world, especially among young people, and thus promotes justice and peace in this world. This is done through evangelism, education and social action. We want to enable encounters and exchanges between young people, promote missional, ecumenical, intercultural and developmental learning, and strengthen (co-)sharing commitment to justice and peace. International encounters, binding partnerships, project funding, international voluntary services, events, campaigns and training measures in the YMCA contribute to this.

YMCA Germany
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