Committees and Structure

The EMW is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg. Members, the board and the team in the office work together on the goals and tasks of the organization.

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Together for Mission and Ecumenism

The General Assembly meets once a year and determines the guidelines and priorities of the EMW’s work. It decides on common tasks of the organization and elects the board of the EMW every six years.

The EMW Board meets three times a year. It determines the goals and work of the EMW within the framework of the guidelines and priorities established by the General Assembly, prepares the meetings of the General Assembly and submits an annual report. The board has 15 members. Superintendent Dietmar Arends, Church of Lippe, has been the chair since 2018.

The team in the office supports the content-related and administrative work of the EMW organization in four units. In the units Theology & Ecumenism, Theological Education, Communication and Service & Administration, topics are dealt with, networks are served, projects of the partners are supported in terms of content and administration, and services for members are available. The General Secretary reports regularly to the Board and the General Assembly on how the goals and objectives of the EMW are being implemented.

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