Christlicher Hilfsbund im Orient

Logo: Christlicher Hilfsbund im Orient

The Christlicher Hilfsbund im Orient e.V. was founded in 1896 in response to the persecution of Christian Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. The mission of the association is to support Christians in the Middle East in a holistic way.

Its performs the following tasks:

  • Informing about the situation of Christians in the Middle East
  • Maintaining fellowship with Christians in the Middle East
  • Praying for Christians in the Middle East
  • Offering inspiration as mutual encouragement in faith in Jesus Christ
  • Practical help through concrete projects

As of 2020, the Hilfsbund supports projects in:

  • Syria: Supporting the work of churches and Christian schools in Aleppo and Kessab.
  • Iraq: Securing livelihoods for Christians in northern Iraq
  • Lebanon: boarding school and school for socially disadvantaged children, support for the Armen.-Ev. partner church (UAECNE)
  • Armenia: Sponsorship program, social housing project for women in need
  • Germany: Integration aid and information work

Christlicher Hilfsbund im Orient
Friedberger Str. 101
61350 Bad Homburg

Tel.: +49 6172 898061
Fax: +49 6172 8987056

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